Office Furniture

Havic Kantoormeubelen

Havic office furniture are stylish, sleek and high quality office furniture with an attractive appearance and an affordable price tag. The furniture matches with all types of spaces and meet the Dutch ergonomic standards.


Pami offers the traditional office line named Chorea. This line of office furniture is very flexible and can be placed in different setups to fit in any space.

Besides being flexible, another important feature is ergonomics. All furniture pieces are easily adjustable to any person’s preference for a comfortable workplace.

Pami furniture is traditional and yet dynamic. The Chorea line meets all your demands when it comes to quality, ergonomics and functionality.


The shielding of workplaces with the NOVU series creates privacy and mproves acoustics in a crowded space. The MYZO screen is a functional, modern design and visible separation of spaces in the office environment.